Episode 1

Published on:

6th Nov 2020

Data Drive Marketing

(GUEST: Ryan Kangisser, Managing Partner Strategy, Mediasense)

Ryan Kangisser is Managing Partner, Strategy at MediaSense, a leading global media advisory firm where he leads their Strategy practice. Over the last 10 years at MediaSense, he has been advising major global and domestic brands on how to optimise their internal and external operating models and how to unlock greater value and performance from their media investments. Prior to MediaSense he worked at Ebiquity where he led their digital audit practice and prior to that, worked at Profero where he ‘cut his teeth’ in all areas of digital marketing.

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About the Podcast

Teads Talks

Digital marketing for Luxury and Beauty brands is sometimes considered such a niche topic, that it is not given the airtime it deserves. Which is a shame, as its unique position in the market means it has a very particular, and fascinating set of challenges.

This industry is evolving at breakneck speed, as the accelerated adoption of digital has meant that the traditional tenants of beauty and luxury marketing are changing. 

In this series, Teads will be talking to industry leaders about how Covid19 has been the catalyst for transformation and surfaced underlying trends, as well as identifying their impact specifically on Beauty and Luxury marketers.

ABOUT THIS SHOW: I am Rachid, VP Advertising at Teads the Global Media Platform. During my career, I had the chance to meet some brilliant and passionate people working in Beauty and Luxury that are literally shaping its digital transformation.

In this podcast series, they will help us make sense of these changes and challenges that are reshaping this industry. We will invite executive from a different side of the industry. Brands, Consultant, Media agencies, Research companies to discuss: the Future of Advertising, Data-Driven Marketing, E-Commerce and Responsible Advertising.